Productivity at Work | 2014 Anti-Trend List for Modern Workers

2014 is a pivotal year for modern workers and productivity at work.

Companies are just starting to get on board with worker demands: flexible work, benefits and technology choices.

Workers are starting to use technology to work smarter and improve their productivity at work: mobile devices, productivity apps and intuitive collaboration software.

To move forward, however, we must STOP habits that work against our progress towards smarter work.

This is the 2014 Anti-Trend List for Modern Workers.

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Are you ready to get on board with changing the way you work, so you can WORK SMARTER and improve your productivity at work?

Sign the #KicktheHabit petition, and join thousands of others as we unite against bad work habits and take a stand to advance ideas, earn promotions and move our businesses forward.


“To survive the concrete jungle, you must oust soul-sucking meetings.

You’re not alone. Failed meetings waste about $3.1 million in American productivity every year. But 98% of employees believe that hosting great meetings help them earn promotions and salary increases.

We call this the Meeting Conundrum: We hate meetings, but we must meet to succeed. So, where does it all break down? Who’s at fault?

The harsh truth is: It’s not them. It’s YOU.”

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