Productivity at Work | 2014 Anti-Trend List for Modern Workers

2014 is a pivotal year for modern workers and productivity at work.

Companies are just starting to get on board with worker demands: flexible work, benefits and technology choices.

Workers are starting to use technology to work smarter and improve their productivity at work: mobile devices, productivity apps and intuitive collaboration software.

To move forward, however, we must STOP habits that work against our progress towards smarter work.

This is the 2014 Anti-Trend List for Modern Workers.

Are you ready to get on board with changing the way you work, so you can WORK SMARTER and improve your productivity at work?

Sign the #KicktheHabit petition, and join thousands of others as we unite against bad work habits and take a stand to advance ideas, earn promotions and move our businesses forward.


“To survive the concrete jungle, you must oust soul-sucking meetings.

You’re not alone. Failed meetings waste about $3.1 million in American productivity every year. But 98% of employees believe that hosting great meetings help them earn promotions and salary increases.

We call this the Meeting Conundrum: We hate meetings, but we must meet to succeed. So, where does it all break down? Who’s at fault?

The harsh truth is: It’s not them. It’s YOU.”

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