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Reimagining SMB Collaboration with iMeet Web Conferencing

I’m proud to announce the next trend in SMB collaboration and content creation, powered by the newest generation of iMeet®. The latest iMeet release brings a variety of improvements and new features to PGi’s disruptive web conferencing software, offering small and medium businesses an intuitive, cloud-based collaboration solution with multi-media content creation built-in—all available in a single app at price points designed for SMB budgets.

Watch this video to learn the three reasons why Christy Cole and her team at Sitewire, a small business and digital agency in Arizona, chose iMeet as their exclusive collaboration tool to build global client relationships and grow their business:

Create Your Own Webinars, Video Blogs and More—Right from iMeet

iMeet’s new recording and Meeting Minutes features provide SMBs with a powerful, dynamic content creation tool, transforming recorded web conferences into a new way to engage online. Instead of sending clients impersonal emails or traditional conference dial-in’s, small businesses like Sitewire personalize every customer interaction—and set themselves apart from their competitors—with recorded video emails and engaging face-to-face virtual meetings.

SMBs also are using iMeet’s newest features to create quick video blogs, webinars, reusable employee trainings and more for engaging, on-demand video content for company blogs, websites or social media accounts—all without the costly overhead of traditional video creation.

iMeet web conferencingAdditional features of the new iMeet also help SMBs:

  • Create on-demand video content, such as vLogs, client testimonials, end-user training and product demonstrations using the new iMeet recording feature;
  • Host webinars and customer training sessions for up to 125 attendees and post the recordings online for on-demand viewing;
  • Use email and social integration to share recorded Meeting Minutes, including webcam video streams, files, attendee chat and notes; and
  • Allow meeting guests to share their screens, improving the collaboration and productivity by reducing time spent emailing files.

Our goal at PGi is unshakeable: we focus on providing the best virtual collaboration experiences on the market today. From our event services to our cloud-based conferencing solutions, we work tirelessly to develop innovative software and network infrastructure and provide best-in-class service and support to businesses of all sizes. Collaboration is vital to modern business, and SMBs in particular are constantly striving to increase sales and grow their business without increasing their budgets.

For those of you who haven’t tried iMeet, we invite you to start collaborating and creating content for free today.

For our existing iMeet customers, the new features now are available in the product. Visit the iMeet Community for additional information on the latest iMeet release.


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