How Telework Promotes Creativity

It seems that every day on the Internet there’s a new article about how to get your creative juices flowing. Usually geared at writers or other purely creative professionals, these lists run the gamut, from tips about sleep schedules to different work style methodologies and everything in between. However, they’re almost always aimed at a freelancer mentality; professionals who already have the freedom to design their days however they’d like. Office workers, stuck in their cubicles, don’t have this kind of freedom.

The rise of the telecommuter has changed all of that. Telework allows all of us to pursue that freelancer spirit, carving out our days more as we see fit than being chained to a desk for eight hours straight.

Here are just a few ways that telework can facilitate creativity in your work-life:

Own Your Schedule

Some people do their best work bright and early in the quiet of the morning, free of distractions. Others are more slow starters; their brains don’t rev into high gear until later in the day, after a cup of coffee or twelve. Telework gives you more freedom to capitalize on when you do your best work, rather than forcing you to stare at a screen from 9-5 and hoping for the best.

By skipping the commute, the early-risers can get straight to business without the added time and ritual of getting ready and commuting to an office. The slow starters can take their time, lingering over their morning news and caffeine before tackling the day.

Take Mental Breaks Away from Breakrooms

For knowledge workers in an office, taking a mental break generally involves taking a quick stretch, chatting with coworkers or maybe simply a social media break. While these are all beneficial, telework affords you the opportunity to take more refreshing or even productive breaks. Take a stroll around your neighborhood. Dabble in a hobby, such as a craft project or musical instrument. Tackle a chore you’ve been avoiding. Or even get a quick workout in through a variety of at-home exercises.

up to 11When All Else Fails – Rock Out

Few things get my creative juices flowing like music. I love seeing live bands and discovering new songs. Music touches us all, and it’s a great way to drown out the stresses of your workday and focus on the task at hand. Telework gives remote workers the unique chance to drop their ear buds and turn their tunes up to 11.

Shred your air guitar in your living room like nobody’s watching. Channel your inner rock god and karaoke your cares away. Turn your desk into a drum kit that would make John Bonham proud. Keep whatever soundtrack playing that keeps you stress-free, focused and productive—without worrying about the volume.

In many ways, telecommuting is ultimately about freedom—the freedom to pursue your own personal workstyle, find your creativity, and empower your productivity.

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