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Collaboration Tools Help Sales Professionals Increase Productivity

Advanced conferencing and collaboration tools for sales professionals are important. It can help increase productivity,impress clients and significantly shorten the time it takes to close deals. Roughly, 26 percent of the employees supported by IT are remote or mobile workers, according to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey. For salespeople, this could potentially create some challenges.

Frost & Sullivan
  • Current or prospective clients may work from locations that are miles or hours away from the corporate office.
  • Working hours may not sync due to different time zones.
  • Important internal decision makers or partners may work from different officelocations.

These situations make face-to-face time nearly impossible and can seriously delay projects. This is

why it is so important to have reliable conferencing tools. Online meeting tools like iMeet and GlobalMeet make it much easier for individuals to collaborate with one another, no matter their geographical location.

Web conferencing helps:

  • Save time and money

Virtual face-to-face meetings make it easy to meet with prospects, clients and colleagues. No more reason to spend time planning travel arrangements or paying for costly trips.

  • Create a more personal connection

You miss out on important body language when you participate in audio-only calls. Allowing one another to make eye contact and show facial expressions are all great ways to deepen relationships.

  • Get social

When using collaboration tools that are integrated with social networking sites, you are able to learn more about the customers you’re meeting with and better understand what they’re looking for.

  • Close deals faster

Virtual meetings make it so easy to meet with others for scheduled and ad hoc meetings. This allows sales professionals to meet with their clients more often.

Although virtual face-to-face meetings do not completely replace in-person meetings, they provide many additional benefits that audio-only calls do not have. Once sales professionals are equipped with the proper online collaboration tools, they will be able to realize their goals much more quickly.

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