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Your New Conference Phone: Audio Conferencing in the Age of the Tablet

Walk by any conference room in your organization and odds are there’s a conference phone in the middle of the table. They’ve become symbols of workplace collaboration and communication. But as the proliferation of mobile devices continues to rise, they’ve also come to symbolize the old-school methods of audio conferencing; today, in the age of the tablet, it’s not uncommon to walk the halls of PGi and see a group huddled around an iPad® instead of a conference phone.

The mobile app revolution has forever changed our expectations around user experience, and those repercussions are finally starting to be felt in our day-to-day business interactions. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why your tablet might become your new conference phone.

Technological Improvements                         

It’s easy to understand the allure of using our mobile devices for conferencing and collaboration, but there’s actually been a great deal of infrastructure and technology improvement behind the scenes that has created more high-quality, consistent connections. We’re finally reaching a point where VoIP is not a fallback or less-than-ideal connection option, as Enterprise-quality VoIP and IP telephony networks are built out and optimized. Depending on your connectivity, VoIP connections can be just as crystal-clear as PBX audio, if not more so. And as all of the involved technologies improve—WiFi, mobile devices, headsets, and the VoIP systems themselves—replacing your conferencing phone with a WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet will only become more feasible.

BYOD and BYOA are Driving User Experience

Workers are increasingly bringing their own devices and apps to the workplace, a trend that seems unavoidable. With an average of 3.5 devices per worker, the adoption of mobility is following employees to work and both driving their behavior and changing their expectations around user experience. When we become accustomed to the experiences provided by the apps and devices we use in our personal lives, suddenly digging through an email for an audio conference number and passcode seems clunky and antiquated. Both BYOD and BYOA are simply ways of asking “Why can’t work be this easy?”

Mobile conferencing apps like GlobalMeet® take the friction and effort out of the audio conferencing user experience, providing one-touch entry into your audio or web conference. And our recently released productivity app Agenday takes that promise a step further, aggregating your calendars and giving you one-touch access to an audio or web conference directly from a calendar or push notification, creating a completely frictionless meeting.

The conference phone may not be extinct just yet. But with these sorts of seamless experiences available on mobile, it’s no wonder why smartphones and tablets are becoming our business collaboration devices of choice.

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