A Smarter App for Smarter Workers: Introducing Agenday

Our goal at PGi is simple: create collaboration experiences that are as intuitive as possible, empowering effortless productivity in the office, on-the-go or wherever your work finds you. Our commitment to innovative customer experiences led to the creation of the PGi Innovation Lab, a group within the company dedicated to pursuing unique software development opportunities.

Today, I’m proud to announce the release of the first fruit of their labors: introducing Agenday, a free mobile productivity app designed to help workers conquer their calendars and help businesses empower growth through improved efficiency and cost-effective collaboration.

Agenday represents an important bridge for mobile workers, bringing them calendar information, easy meeting access and useful contextual information to keep them as productive on the road as they are at their desk. The intelligence built into Agenday brings collaboration to you, instead of making you do the work. A single tap on an Agenday calendar invite launches your conference call or web conference app, no dial-in numbers or passcode entry required, and even helps you choose the most cost-effective method for joining your conference.

Additional features of Agenday include:

  • All Your Calendars in One Place: Agenday presents all of your calendar items in a clean, simple interface, automatically creating an agenda for your day. It works with Outlook®, iCal®, Google Calendar™ and more.
  • Easy, One-Touch Entry into Any Meeting: Say goodbye to ever-changing dial-in numbers and long passcodes. Agenday lets you join your conference calls and web meetings with a single touch—regardless of which conferencing provider or online meeting product you are using.
  • LinkedIn Integration: Make more meaningful connections with your clients, prospects, vendors and coworkers by learning about their interests, backgrounds and network connections before you meet.
  • Lower Cost Conference Calls: Spending too much on conference calls?  Agenday saves you and your company money by helping you choose the lowest-cost connection options.

As workers across a wide variety of roles and industries become increasingly mobile, the challenge is on software developers and collaboration providers to meet those workers in their inertia, equipping them with tools that lower productivity barriers and integrate seamlessly into a mobile-first worklife. Agenday is an invaluable new tool for simplifying the mobile worker’s day.

Click here to download Agenday for free today!


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