Web Conferencing Helps Communications Professionals

Corporate communications professionals understand how important it is to quickly relay information to the people who need it. However, as companies continue to grow globally, it‘s becoming more difficult for communications professionals to effectively reach their various audiences.

In-person meetings are becoming less common as virtual workplaces grow in popularity. With teams and clients dispersed across the globe, it’s impossible to expect a significant amount of people to attend an in-person meeting. As a result, today’s communications professionals are sharing their messages virtually. In doing so, they are making the information easily accessible to everyone no matter where they are located or what device they’re using.

PGi offers a range of high quality and affordable meeting solutions that can help an organization communicate and collaborate more effectively no matter the size or purpose of your meeting.

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Smaller Meetings

Sometimes you may want to brainstorm with your small team or schedule an ad hoc meeting with a client or prospect. A small meeting creates an intimate setting that allows active audience participation.

With iMeet, you can meet with others in HD so you can have more productive face-to-face meeting even when you all can’t be in the same room. The crystal-clear video, customizable URL and various backgrounds allow users to bring personality and create a personal touch.

Whether you’re in the office, the car or home, iMeet works wherever you are and delivers a consistent user experience across your computer, smartphone and tablet.

Larger Meetings

Throughout the year, there are situations where a company may need to host a global employee or shareholder meeting. Although these meetings are sometimes very large, it’s important for participants to still feel comfortable to participate and ask questions.

GlobalMeet is great for large-scale meetings such as these. With the ability to share and edit documents real-time, GlobalMeet creates a collaborative environment where everyone can easily be heard. Several additional web tools also make it easy to monitor participation, demo applications and poll the audience for instant feedback.

Web conferencing software is a cost effective option that makes it easier for communications professionals to reach out to audiences located both inside and outside the organization. Communications departments that use state-of-the-art web conferencing software like iMeet and GlobalMeet will be able to have a bigger impact on their various audiences.

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