10 Productivity Hacks for Spring Cleaning Your Work-Life

It’s spring cleaning season for your work-life! Tidy up that desk, clean out your inbox, organize your to-do list and use this slideshow with PGi’s top 10 productivity hacks. Your work-life balance will be aligned with just a few tweaks, boosting your productivity at work and your happiness at home (even if you work at home!).

10 Productivity Hacks for Spring Cleaning Your Work-Life:

1. Skip the office: eliminate water cooler chit chat for some peace and quiet.

2. Headphones on: Use music to get you focused and in the zone.

3. Fake a meeting: Schedule blank “busy” time in your calendar.

4. Pick up the phone: Skip email and texting to avoid time-wasting back and forth.

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5. Mindless 15: Take 15 minutes to do something not work-related.

6. Consolidate. Use productivity apps and tech that put everything in one place.

7. Pay for speed: Don’t scrimp on Internet speed. Faster means you work smarter.

8. Time is ticking: Use a timer (egg timer, smartphone timer or alarm clock) to regulate time spent on each task.

9. Fluff-free meetings: Schedule short, one-topic meetings to reduce calendar waste.

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10. Say no: Don’t add anything to your list until your slate is blissfully clean.

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