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15 Stats on Telecommuting & the Cloud

Telecommuting is a growing trend among the workforce. For most of us, getting to and from the office can be a nightmare. Traffic, distracted drivers and inclement weather can make the commute seem impossible at times. Once we arrive at the office, it’s time to fight off the various distractions. Chatty colleagues and conference calls on speaker are just a few of the things that may disrupt your workflow.

Telecommuting and innovative cloud technology such as virtual meetings have made it possible for companies to grow and conduct business all over the world. Our free eBook, titled the Yin + Yang of Telecommuting highlights various stats and tips for those who telecommute.

We’ve compiled some interesting telecommuting stats to better explain the benefits for both employees and employers. Enjoy!

Those who telecommute

According to a recent PGi survey, employees who telecommute see improvements in their work lives:

  • 82 percent experienced lower stress levels
  • 80 percent had higher morale
  • 69 percent missed fewer days from work
  • 70 percent increased their productivity


Employees aren’t the only ones who notice their increase in productivity. Supervisors also notice a higher output from their team members.

  • 20-40 percent of supervisors noticed their employees are more productive and are able to complete tasks at a higher quality and in less time.
  • On average, a teleworker produces 43 percent more business volume than their colleagues who work in the office.

Happier workers

Flexible work arrangements look very attractive to prospective employees. It makes it much easier for employees to attain a healthy work-life balance.

  • 59 percent of employees believe the freedom to telecommute at least part-time is ideal.
  • 72 percent of employers say teleworking has a high impact on retention rates.
  • 80 percent of employees consider telework as a job perk.


Teleworkers must have reliable tools so they can get their work done effectively. Those who work away from the office should have access to the same information as their colleagues who work in the office. The process to get that information should also be as simple as possible. According to a recent PGi survey, popular technologies issued by employers are:

  • 91 percent of use a company-issued laptop
  • 76 percent VPN access to company data
  • 75 percent web conferencing tools
  • 62 percent cellphones or smartphones


On top of everything else, telecommuting is also great for the environment. The more people who telecommute significantly decrease the amount of cars on the road. Not only does this help reduce traffic, it also helps to lessen some of the tailpipe emissions that enter the atmosphere.

  • Telecommuting reduces U.S. total vehicle miles traveled by 53 billion annually.
  • 2 billion gallons of gas would be saved annually by a U.S. telecommuting workforce.

Are you built for work success outside the office? Our free eBook and quiz will help you figure out your telework personality type and how to not fail when working at home, in a coffee shop or on the road.

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