Going Green: How to Run a Paperless Office

Earlier this week, more than a billion people from around the world celebrated Earth Day. In a previous blog post, we discussed telecommuting and the positive impact it can have on the planet.

There are several other things we can do in the office that will help out our planet. Have you ever considered going paperless? Every year, the average worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper. That’s four million tons of copy paper annually in the U.S. alone. Switching to a paperless office can help save your business time and money while promoting environmental awareness and responsibility.

Are you interested in taking the first steps to make your office paperless? Start with these five steps in our paperless office challenge.

5 easy changes you can start making today:

  1. Digital presentations: Skip the meeting handouts and present files digitally.
  2. Electronic contracts: Opt for e-signatures to save paper waste.
  3. Paperless billing: Choose email or online services for invoices and payments.
  4. Scan and recycle: Discard and recycle any unnecessary and unimportant papers. But scan and save important paper files such as big ticket receipts, tax forms, employment records, licenses, etc.
  5. Digital note-taking: Save the paper waste with apps like Evernote and Penultimate.

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