Are You Productive When Working Remotely?

According to PGi’s latest survey and infographic, 80% of businesses are now offering employees the option to telecommute. With remote work continuing to grow as a workplace trend, there’s one very important question we need to ask ourselves: are we actually productive while working remotely?

While most people dream of being able to work from home, it’s not for everyone; it takes a certain personality, work ethic and dedication to stay productive. There are a lot of pitfalls associated with remote work, and it requires a unique set of skills and an immense amount of self-discipline to be an effective telecommuter.

Without a manager looming nearby or the constant chatter and persistence of the office, can you keep yourself on task? Or does your mind start to wander, becoming more involved in the hum of the coffee shop or the concerns of your home instead of the work on your plate?

Photo Credit: Walter Rumsby


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