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When Are You Most Productive

Are you a morning person or do you find yourself hitting the snooze button over and over again?  Some people find it much easier to focus during the early morning hours, while others prefer getting their work done later in the day.

As individuals, we all have different work habits and personal preferences. Discovering when you’re the most productive can help you maximize your time at work.

Time of day

I am more alert from about 10am-1pm. By this time, I’ve already had my morning coffee and I’ve had the chance to check all of my emails and plan out my tasks for the day. I can put my head down and continue to work until it’s time for lunch. This also happens to be the quietest time around the office.

To help figure out when you’re most productive, you should be looking for a time where you feel like you can work for hours without getting tired. Once you figure out your peak times, select an appropriate workspace that is free of distractions.

Day of the week

You may also notice that there are certain days where you are able to get more work done. Mondays and Tuesdays are the two most productive days of the week, according to a study from Accountemps. The same study claims Thursdays and Fridays are the least productive days of the week for employees.

This may or may not be true for you. I love work on Fridays. Unless any last minute meetings pop up, things are usually pretty quiet for me on Fridays, which makes it so much easier to focus on my to-do list.

Once you figure out what day and times work best for you, you should consider rearranging your schedule. Taking advantage of these times will make a significant difference in your productivity.

When are you most productive?

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