7 Telecommuting Personalities – Which One are You? Free eBook and Quiz

A recent PGi telecommuting survey revealed that 80% of us work for companies with telecommuting programs. But is your personality built for telecommuting success?

Take this quick poll to find out which personalities are in your team – and which personality you are.

Now that you know what personality you are – and which telecommuting personalities are in your team dynamic – our free eBook helps you understand the ins and outs of each personality type, what tools and technologies they need, and tactics to help them be more successful in a telework role.

Telecommuting is more popular than ever before. In fact, our survey revealed some exciting trends that show that the right telecommuting and flexible work programs result in healthier businesses and happier workers.

Why? According to the same survey, telework programs improve stress levels, morale, productivity and absenteeism.

Yet, not all teleworkers are created equal. The major employer concerns about enabling telecommuting are that workers will perform poorly and be unhappy without the watchful eye of management. And these concerns aren’t entirely unfounded.

Understanding Your Employees

For businesses, the wrong personality in the wrong telework role can prove challenging for both the employee and employer. But by understanding the personalities of your workforce, you can activate all the benefits of telecommuting — improved productivity, better morale, reduced stress and cost savings.

For workers, flexible work can be the key to feeling great about your work and personal lives, even if it’s just one or two days per week. But telework can also be a challenge if you don’t understand your pitfalls and needs.

This telecommuting eBook is your secret to personal, team, and business success: Download it free today, and share your thoughts and insights here in the comments.

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