The 10-Minute Meeting: Pros & Cons

Companies around the world conduct in-person and online meetings every day. Although meetings are great ways to share information, brain storm and have an open discussion about a variety of topics, most people dread them. Meetings tend to drag on and by the time the meeting is over, most people aren’t even sure what the purpose of the meeting was.

If you’re struggling to find ways that can help increase attendance and engagement in your meetings, maybe you should try the 10-minute meeting strategy. If executed correctly, you should be able to still cover all of your important information in the short amount of time.

Although these short meetings can be very effective, they do have some pros and cons.


Calling a meeting that lasts only 10 minutes will help instill a sense of urgency into the participants in the meeting, which will help ensure they will maintain focus and engage in the discussion a bit more. Also, employees are probably much more likely to not skip such short meetings, helping increase your meeting attendance.

Additionally, this strategy works well for both in person and online meetings, making it more convenient for all types of employees.


Although these short meetings can be highly effective, it’s not appropriate for all topics. If the meeting’s topic includes a subject or issue that needs to have a thorough discussion, you may need to schedule a much longer meeting.

You may also have trouble executing these types of meetings if your team likes to socialize with one another. Short meetings leave no time for attendees to mingle or get off topic. There just isn’t enough time. And if you can’t start or end on time, you can forget it. In a meeting that only lasts 10 minutes, you cannot waste a second.

It’s also important to note that these types of meetings are usually only suitable for internal staff meetings. When you are having a meeting with an external customer, you don’t want to do anything that will make them feel rushed.

If you think this approach will work for your next meeting, go ahead and give it a try. Would you like to learn more meeting tips? We have an entire section devoted to meetings on our Resource Library.

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