10 Stats on Workation Nation & The Virtual Workforce

As the school year draws to a close and warmer temperatures approach, everyone’s thoughts turn to ditching the office for sun, sand and shore. However, it can be practically impossible to fully unplug these days; it’s so easy and tempting to stay connected to the office with our smartphones always nearby. Some people are even turning to workations to fit in their leisure time, joining virtual meetings and conference calls while poolside.

Workations might sound like a drag, but they can be an efficient way to ensure you can find the time to get away from the office. Here are 10 stats you need to know about workations, taken from PGi’s own workation survey:

1) 82% of employees check into the office daily while on vacation.

No surprises there. With our email in our pockets, you almost have to go out of your way not to check in.

2) 42% of vacations have been cancelled or postponed due to work.

With constantly mounting deadlines and the fear of work piling up, many workers simply don’t feel they can make the time.

3) 15% of workers gave up on vacations because they didn’t have time to use them.

Workers who don’t think they can balance their workloads with leisure time simply abandon their PTO:

4) For the average worker, 2 of 14 vacation days go wasted.

5) $34.4 Billion of vacation pay is wasted annually.

6) For preferred devices, smartphones are the most common workation tool for staying connected at 40%.

With the explosion of mobility and bring-your-own-device environments, smartphones are the current king of remote work.

7) Laptops are the second-most preferred device for workations at 11%.

Compared to smartphones, laptops make for a bulky addition to a carry-on. Still, they came in second in our survey.

8) Tablets are the third-most preferred device for workations at 4%.

In spite of tablets gaining in popularity, they’re still not making it into our beach bags.

9) 37% report using a laptop, smartphone and tablet while on a workation!

Hyperconnected power workers are bringing all of their devices with them, although we can’t confirm whether they’re being used for work or for Angry Birds.

10) 65% of workationers have joined or hosted virtual meetings from a mobile device while on vacation.

Virtual meetings to the rescue! With mobile apps like iMeet® and GlobalMeet®, it’s dead simple to jump on a web or audio conference, letting you get in, meet and get out and back to the fun.

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