10 Things You Need to Know About National Small Business Week

In its 51st year, we are excited to see National Small Business Week come to one of our U.S. offices.  PGi’s Kansas City office, home to nearly 300 employees, is excited about attending the KC leg of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) annual Small Business Week road tour.

Not familiar with National Small Business Week? Here are 10 things you need to know about this year’s celebration of America’s entrepreneurs and their employees.

1. In 1963, former U.S. president John F. Kennedy proclaimed the first-ever National Small Business Week to celebrate U.S. entrepreneurs’ contribution to the economic success of America.

2. This year, National Small Business week is celebrated May 12-16.

3. The SBA is taking the celebration on the road, with events in Kansas City, Boston, San Francisco and Washington.

4. More than 50% of Americans work for or own a small business.

5. Experts will host webinars and webstreaming events throughout the week on small business topics, including mobile technology, marketing, building customer loyalty and more.

6. Founders from Samual Adams and Papa John’s will join athletes and politicians on the road, speaking in the local SBA events.

7. Small businesses from all 50 states, DC, Guam and Puerto Rico will be honored for their contributions, innovations and excellence in contributing to the U.S. economy and their local communities.

8. One of the honorees will be named as the U.S. Small Business Person of the Year.

9. Winners of the person of the year award showcase, according to SBA.gov:

  • The business’ “staying power” as an established business.
  • Growth in number of employees.
  • Growth in revenue and market share.
  • Financial performance.
  • Innovativeness of the products or services offered, illustrating creativity and imagination.
  • Response to adversity.
  • Contributions to community-oriented projects, using his/her personal time and business resources.
  • Leadership in improving the cause of small business and free enterprise for small businesses all over the U.S.

10. Local celebrations in your community are posted at SBA.gov in your state’s page.

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