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5 Things to Avoid When Making a Conference Call

Conference calls have become very popular in the business world. Due to the global demands of today’s marketplace, companies have employees spread all over the world. These remote teams use conference calls and virtual meetings to help maintain effective communication and collaboration.

In order to achieve a productive conference call, here are five things you should avoid. 

1.       Arriving late

This is pretty simple. You should arrive a few minutes early to any meeting you’re invited to.  People who call in late to a conference call can be very distracting and disrupt the flow of the entire meeting.  Unlike an in-person meeting where you may be able to sneak in unnoticed, conference calls have audible sounds that ding anytime a new person has joined.

In order to eliminate any embarrassment of arriving late, dial-in a few minutes early.

2.       Meeting in a noisy environment

Try your best to avoid noisy locations. If you’re unable to find a quiet environment, be sure you remember to use your mute button. You don’t want others on the call to be distracted by screaming kids or barking dogs.

Anytime you’re not speaking, make sure your phone is on mute. That way, you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected. When it’s your turn to speak, just un-mute the phone and jump right into the conversation.

3.       Pressing the hold button

Do not press the hold button during a conference call. In doing so, not only will you play hold music into the conference, but the meeting is forced to halt until you return.

If you need to leave the conference call for any reason, either place your phone down and walk away or disconnect from the call entirely.

4.       Multitask

Conference calls are not the appropriate time to check up on emails, or play games on your phone. It’s important to stay focused and engaged in the conversation. You don’t want to be caught off guard if someone asks your opinion on something.

5.       Hogging the spotlight

If one person is doing all the talking during a conference call, other participants will undoubtedly tune out and start doing other things that are unrelated to the meeting.

To help increase productivity throughout your calls, take a more collaborative approach. Instead of talking at your participants, make sure you let others speak and raise questions and suggestions.

Now that you know what not to do during your next conference call, are you interested in more tips on think you can do to improve your future calls and make them more productive? Learn more about our online meeting tools, iMeet and GlobalMeet, which can help increase engagement and participation throughout your team.

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