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5 Things to do After an Online Meeting

Congratulations. You successfully prepared for your online meeting and it was a hit. Now that the meeting is over, you’re done right? Not exactly. The steps you take after the meeting are just as crucial as any other steps you took while preparing for the meeting.

1.       Record the meeting

Meeting minutes are a record of the entire meeting. Normally, you would assign someone to handwrite the notes throughout the meeting. Thanks to innovative technology, that is no longer necessary.

With online meeting tools like iMeet, you can capture everything that happens throughout your meeting with the click of a button.  Whether you’re hosting a video meeting, sharing a presentation or everyone has their video streams on, iMeet can record every moment. Your recording will even include all public chats and notes.

2.       Quickly distribute the meeting minutes

Since you can now record your online meeting, there’s no more need to waste time rewriting your meeting notes that may make sense to you but appear as scribble to everyone else.

Once the meeting’s recording is finished in iMeet, it will immediately be saved as a high-quality MP4 file that you can share with all meeting guests. This way, everyone can have an unbiased account of what happened during the meeting. For those who could not attend, they are able to playback the video at a more convenient time.

3.       Follow up on any action items

It’s helpful to break up a project and assign certain tasks to specific individuals. But, if the tasks are never finished it was a complete waste of time. If you have a recurring meeting, include all action items in your future agenda to make sure they have been completed. For one time meetings, contact the individuals by email near the completion date just to double check the status.

4.       Schedule a follow-up meeting if necessary

Sometimes, a follow-up meeting is necessary to help finish important discussions or decisions. If this is the case, remain proactive and schedule the meeting before everyone leaves the meeting. Most people know when their calendar is free, so just select a date when most people are available. This way, when you go back to your calendar, you don’t have to waste time searching for a time that is good for everyone. 

5.       Send a thank you card

A lot goes into organizing and planning an effective meeting. The odds are you haven’t accomplished all the steps to host an effective meeting by yourself. You may want to recognize those who helped you throughout the process. And it might make them happier to help you in the future.

Positive results are achievable when you put a little extra effort into planning your meetings, from beginning to end.

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