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5 Tips for Nailing Your Next Online Job Interview

The future of hiring lies in online job interviews. As companies become more global, more and more recruiters are beginning to use video interviews to meet and interview prospective job applicants. These types of interviews save time, money and are simply more convenient than in-person interviews. HR departments and recruiters aren’t the only ones who prefer video. Approximately 66% of job candidates would rather use video during the interview process, according to a recent PGi survey.

The survey also mentions how important non-verbal communication is. Body language can account for up to 80%of the final decision. Are you preparing for an online job interview? Make sure you read these five tips that will ensure success during the interview process.

1.     Dress appropriately

Don’t get lazy because you don’t have to leave the house for your interview. It’s still imperative you take the time to get ready. Make sure your hair is done and you are dressed professionally. Also, leave your pajama bottoms in the bedroom and dress appropriately from head to toe. You never know if you may have to stand up during your interview, and you don’t want to show off those pajamas.

2.     Choose your surroundings wisely

Unlike an in-person interview, online job interviews allow you to attend from wherever you feel comfortable. Make sure that the location you choose has good lighting, is free of distractions and is not messy or cluttered. Not only do you want to look professional, but you want your surroundings to appear professional and clean.

3.     Practice

Not only should you practice answering popular interview questions, but you should also practice using the meeting software. This way, you can get comfortable with the app and avoid having any embarrassing technology issues during your interview.

4.     Play with the camera angle

Make sure the camera is capturing you in a flattering angle. You don’t want the camera angle too low and you don’t want it too high. Make sure the camera is able to view you from the top of your head down to your mid torso. This way a recruiter can easily see all of your facial expressions and you can still talk with your hands.

5.     Arrive early—just not too early

Very much like an in-person interview, you want to arrive a little before your appointment time. However, you don’t want to login too early for an online job interview. The recruiter may have a meeting scheduled prior to yours, and if you login too early, you may interrupt that meeting. Try logging in about three minutes before the start time. If you’re ready even earlier, go over your notes and use that extra time to prepare for the interview.

Are you interested in even more tips that will help you ace your next online job interview? Make sure you read our infographic on that very topic.


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