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Business Etiquette for Conference Calls

Meetings happen every day in the business world. In fact, it is estimated that professionals attend 61 meetings per month. That’s a lot of conference calls, face-to-face meetings and web conferences. To ensure you make the best impression in your conference calls, try these 11 business etiquette tips.

1.       No secret attendees

Include your attendee’s name in the body of the invite so there are no surprises. Knowing who is on the conference call helps eliminate confusion.

2.       Roll call

Just because someone was invited doesn’t mean they were able to attend. At the beginning of your conference call, have everyone say their name so you are aware who is actually on the call. Or, you can use a visual conference call tool like iMeet, so everyone can actually see who is present.

3.       Hush, puppy

If you’re like me, you have an adorable dog that loves to growl in his sleep and bark at birds that fly by the window. When you’re on a conference call, distance yourself from anything that can bark, meow, moo or chirp.

4.       Mute, mute, baby

If you’re not speaking, place yourself on mute. You never know when little Susie will come up to you asking for a snack.

5.       App-tastic

Nowadays, people are always on the go. They may be stuck in traffic, traveling or just away from their computer. Offering mobile app options so people can “see” the conference call makes it much more convenient and allows people to engage more in the meeting.

6.       What’s your agenda?

Stay organized by setting an agenda and sticking to it. Clear and concise means everyone is moving in the right direction.

7.       Whip ‘em into shape

It’s important to respect everyone’s schedules. Designate someone to watch the clock so you can start and end on time.

8.       Sorry, you go. No you. No you.

By asking meeting participants to hold their questions until the end, you can avoid awkward interruptions and people trying to talk over each other.

9.       Say your name, say your name

Before you speak, say your name—every time. This helps alleviate any confusion on who is speaking.

10.   Who’s on the hook?

Before ending the conference call, make sure to clearly assign tasks to individuals.

11.   It’s a date.

Be proactive and schedule any necessary follow-up meetings at the end of the call. 

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