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Do’s and Don’ts for Friday Meetings

Everyone – we made it. It’s Friday, and there’s only a few short hours left between us and all of the home improvements, sports, friends, concerts or whatever it is that you’re passionate about when you’re not getting paid.

There’s only one problem: your Friday calendar is still stuffed with meetings! So much for TGIF.

Take heart, collaborators. Here are a few simple Do’s and Don’ts to take the sting out of Friday meetings:

DO: Bribe People with Food

If you have to come in for meetings on Friday (and especially if you’re forcing others to do the same), some bagels, donuts or a pizza can go a long way towards softening the blow. Let’s be real here: all the meeting prep in the world is all well and good, but nothing, and I mean nothing gets people excited about a meeting like free grub.

DON’T: Have Meetings Longer than 30 Minutes

After a long week of work, attention spans are at their lowest. Hour-long meetings can be a tough slog under the best of circumstances, but on Fridays? You’ll be lucky to get half the room looking up from their smartphones. Keep them short and sweet on Fridays. 15- and 30-minute meetings are ideal for workers already daydreaming about 5 pm.

DO: Have Online Meetings

According to our recent survey, 80% of workers have the opportunity to telecommute, and what better day to take advantage of it than Friday? Trade casual Fridays for virtual Fridays and make Friday online meetings day. You’ll save everyone the stress of yet another commute.

And hey, meet in your Snuggie® if you want. We won’t tell anyone.

DON’T: Have Late Meetings

Please, for the love of business, don’t be the one scheduling 4:30 meetings on Fridays. Everyone is anxious to leave early to unwind and get their weekend started. All you’re going to do is irritate and frustrate your attendees who will be watching the clock more than listening to you. Schedule them earlier, or, if last-minute details absolutely come up, handle it in e-mail. Everyone’s psyches will thank you.

And last but certainly not least:

DO: Enjoy Your Weekend Everybody!

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