Evolve or Die Part 5: Swap Older Tools for Online Meeting Tools

Companies are spending big money to find quality prospects. The costs of advertising, content marketing, trade shows, list buying and email programs can add up quickly. It’s also up to the sales reps to schedule a meeting with prospects and create a strong enough connection so they can close the deal.

In the perfect world, you’d always be face-to-face when meeting with a client. Unfortunately, companies have become more global and face-to-face meetings aren’t very convenient or realistic.  So what happens next? You end up relying on the good old telephone to make your pitch. You’re betting your bonus on technology that was built in the late 1800s.

In reality, the telephone just isn’t good enough anymore. Studies show that up to 93 percent communication is non-verbal. So, if you can’t see your prospect and your prospect can’t see you, you’ll both potentially miss out on some very important body language.

At PGi, we sell iMeet, an online meeting tool that comes equipped with state-of-the-art features including crystal clear HD video. We have a lot of success selling iMeet because it allows users to more effectively connect with their prospects during a meeting. A study by the Aberdeen Group showed that sales teams using video during their meetings are able to generate 156 percent higher revenue than sales teams just relying on the phone. And, a study by the University of Minnesota showed that online meetings are 30 percent shorter than meetings on the phone. So, you generate more revenue in less time. Who doesn’t want that?

iMeet also allows you to record your meetings with your prospects and send it to them afterwards so they can distribute it to stakeholders and others who were unable to attend. My sales team actually uses iMeet’s recording feature to record mini sales presentations that they send to prospects. Some will also record “thank you” video messages that they send along with their meeting notes.

All of the videos recorded in iMeet are automatically embedded where you can easily access them with a simple link. It’s incredibly easy for prospects to view the video and share with others throughout their company.

If you’re organization is only using the phone to sell, consider trying an online meeting tool like iMeet to help build stronger, deeper connections with your prospects.

Interested in learning more about iMeet? Sign up for a free-trial today and see why professionals from around the world are choosing iMeet for their web conferencing needs.

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