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How to Make Online Meetings Less Boring

Do you audibly groan whenever a new online meeting invite arrives in your inbox? Do you look at your calendar with a sense of dread at the sight of all of those online meetings? Have you ever faked an excuse to avoid that meeting you really didn’t want to attend?

If so, you might be having boring online meetings.

Take heart, though: there’s no reason to accept boring meetings as an inevitability! Here are three easy steps you can take to make your online meetings less boring:

Take a “Less is More Approach”

Meetings aren’t inherently boring. Collaborating with coworkers and coming together to get things done is a satisfying and integral part of business today. The problems start when we meet too much, meetings last too long or they weren’t even necessary in the first place. When meetings drag on and on, or you’re stuck in a day of back-to-backs, the boredom starts to set in.

Before scheduling that next online meeting, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does this really need 30 minutes? Or will we be done in 10?
  • Is this meeting pressing enough to add to an already-packed week? Or is it low priority enough to wait?
  • Is this even a meeting at all? Or will an email suffice?

By avoiding chronically long and unnecessary meetings, you can ensure that when your team does get together online, everyone’s time is being well-spent.

Stop Multitasking

Alright, so I’m guilty of this one too, but it’s time for a hard truth: we bring many of our boring meetings on ourselves by simply not being present. One of the inherent dangers of online meetings is that it’s so easy to multitask, focusing on emails or the project due at 5 than being actively engaged and listening to your meeting. You’ll end up missing the important parts of the meeting and leave it feeling confused and that your time was just wasted.

There are steps you can take to ensure that you’re active and engaged. Turn your webcam on to avoid the temptation of clicking to your second monitor. Participate in chats or note-taking to keep yourself on-task.

Stop Using Boring Tools

What is it with business software and its seeming inherent need to be boring? Charts, spreadsheets, slide decks—it’s all rooted in a “productive means unintuitive and confusing” design mentality. Online meeting tools are no different. Most of them bombard you with confusing interfaces, bury you in buttons and require step after painful step just to get your meeting started. If you think your online meetings are boring, your tool of choice might be the first place to look.

Take iMeet®, for example. A single click of a mouse or tap on a mobile app gets you into an intuitive meeting interface where the people are center stage. You can change profile pictures, backgrounds, add bios and social media accounts—it looks like a modern meeting instead of just another boring work program next to your spreadsheets and status reports. iMeet online meetings are anything but boring.

Want to leave boring online meetings behind? Sign for a free trial of iMeet today!

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