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5 Telecommuting Tips that Will Keep You Connected with Your Team

Telecommuting has gained in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to tools like virtual meetings software, colleagues are able to collaborate face-to-face even if they are part of a geographically dispersed group. Unfortunately, after a while, some remote workers begin to feel disconnected from the rest of their team.

Try these five tips to keep your remote teams connected and happy:

1. Intranet Sites

Intranet sites provide great platforms that can help facilitate knowledge-sharing within the company. You can set up groups and make them private so only your team can see. These groups make it easy for teams to share information, have discussions and collaborate on projects.   

2. Spend time Together

It can be difficult for geographically dispersed teams to create deep, meaningful connections. That’s why it’s always nice to schedule some type of a team retreat. The purpose of the retreat is to learn more about each other in a fun, carefree environment.

3. Stay in Touch

It’s important to have an open door policy. Being available for questions and impromptu discussions make teams feel more comfortable with one another. With online meeting tools like iMeet, colleagues are able to meet face-to-face with another at the drop of a dime. You need some help on a project, or need advice on a situation? No problem. Just invite one or all of your teammates into your iMeet room and start your discussion.

4. Go Above and Beyond

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with our growing to-do lists. As our emails and voicemails accumulate, we tend to get stressed out. If you’re stressed out, more than likely your colleagues are as well. If you get some free time, try and lighten the mood. You can email your team a story or video that will get them laughing. If you would like to do something nice, pick up the phone and express your appreciation for a colleague’s recent work.     

5. Have Small Talk

Make team meetings more personal. Instead of immediately getting down to business, find out what’s going on in everyone’s lives. Share updates and exciting news. Understanding what’s going on in a person’s life will help you get along better with the individual.

How do you stay connected with your remote teams? If you would like to know more about today’s hottest collaboration trends, download our free eBook: The Future of Business Collaboration


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