Top 10 Gifs for Your Job Search

Out looking for a new job and need a little career pick-me-up? Here are my top 10 gifs for your job search, whether you’re a Millennial looking for your first job out of college or a professional seeing if the grass really is greener on the other side. In either case, happy job hunting!

1. That moment when you find the perfect job prospect.

Monty Python gif - happy face job search | PGi

2. And that moment when you realize it’s one of those sales jobs.

angry job seeker gif wrestler | PGi

3. When a recruiter actually contacts you about a job.

happy dance find a job | PGi

4. When a recruiter contacts you on LinkedIn and says your background is perfect.

linkedin job searcher gif anchorman | PGi

5. But then tells you it only pays minimum wage.

emma stone crying bad job interview | PGi

6. And you’re going up against how many candidates?

Millennials job searchers | PGi

7. Who’s the hiring manager? Oh, it’s this guy. (Cute puppy, though!)

Michael scott for the job search | PGi

8. Only 13 candidates left…

happy dance gif job search | PGi

9 You got the interview!

you got the job interview gif | PGi

10. Now it’s time for business.

I believe you have my stapler gif | PGi

Want to learn more about getting ready for an online job interview? Check out our infographic:

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