10 Tips for More Engaging Online Meetings

Keeping your participants attentive and engaged is a challenging part of any meeting, but with online meetings it can be even tougher. You don’t know if your guests are paying attention or multitasking on their smartphone.

With that in mind, here are 10 tips to try to make your next online meeting more engaging for you and your attendees:

1) Break the Ice – Start your meeting with introductions, a story or a joke!

2) Make it Personal – Use a fun profile picture of the kids or the family dog.

3) Webcams: On – Let your guests see that smiling face!

4) Get Social – Integrate your social media accounts and stay connected.

5) Make it Interactive – Use Q&A and Polls to engage your guests directly.

6) Keep it Short – Don’t drain attention spans with super-long meetings.

7) Show, Don’t Tell – Screenshare or file share instead of just talking through a problem.

8) Take Mental Breaks – Even online, shake things up with a quick mental breather.

9) Stay on Track – Don’t meander and stray from your agenda.

10) Use Engaging Tools – Spare your guests from #meetingfail with intuitive online tools.

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