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4 Tips to Engage Your Webinar Audience

Keeping your audience engaged during an in-person meeting can be challenging enough. Now, try keeping their attention during a webinar. Computers, tablets and smartphones are full of potential distractions like fun apps, emails, phone calls and text messages. Things can go bad very quickly when you’re hosting a meeting via one of these devices.

As businesses continue to grow and teams become more dispersed, web conferencing will remain one of the primary forms of communication. As a result, it’s important to learn how to successfully engage your audience.

Try these 4 tips for your next webinar:

1.      Have a great opening slide

The first slide is similar to a first impression. Think about the best ways to capture the audience’s attention. If you blow this, it may be difficult to get them back. Instead of using the standard template that states your name, company and contact info, use some fun, imaginative images to draw your audience in.

2.      Don’t overload your slides

Putting too much information on your slides can instantly ruin your presentation. People will get bored and find other things to do, which is not hard when you’re on your computer. Limit your slides to hold only one main point with 15 words or fewer. If you need to add additional detail, just tell your guests instead of forcing them to read it.

3.      Use an innovative tool

Most webinar tools include the basic requirements to make a call. But what about everything else? Tools like iMeet and GlobalMeet allow you to get creative with your presentation and quickly become a web conferencing master. Personal webcam video, the ability to customize your virtual office, a cloud-based file cabinet and the ability to join and host meetings from anywhere make these PGi products a must-have when trying to engage your audience.

4.      Have fun with it

Get personal with your audience. Include pictures of your pets, family and motivational quotes or images. Not only will this get some smiles and laughs out of your meeting guests, but you will be able to quickly build rapport with them as well.

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