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5 Awesome Virtual Team Building Activities

To create a successful and efficient virtual team, everyone must work together as a whole in spite of distance. Each person on the team or in the business will have their differences, but those that look past each other’s differences and focus on the accomplishments of the entire group will thrive. Using quality virtual meeting software enables each employee or team member to collaborate fluidly and effectively. Team building is essential when trying to establish effective collaboration.

Check out these 5 awesome virtual team building activities that could be extremely important and useful for any business.

1. Social Networking

Each employee in your business should be trying to fully adapt to this new era of technology because social networking is becoming not just necessary, but vital in today’s generation. I’m not saying you have to add all of your coworkers on Facebook, but interacting over business professional networking sites is quite beneficial (and who couldn’t benefit from a virtual happy hour?).

Team members or fellow employees can interact through private LinkedIn groups or Jive. Social collaboration platforms like Jive bring the social benefits of Facebook into the workplace. Jive and LinkedIn are very effective communication tools that are used efficiently and globally.

2. Virtual Happy Hour or Lunch Break

As a team, all employees need time throughout their day to bond with each other outside of their work roles and environment. Having a Virtual “Happy Hour” or Lunch Break is a great way for this interaction to take place. This is a designated time where team members can connect via chat, conference call, or online meeting tool to discuss personal and/or professional topics in a more relaxed environment. It’s a specific time to connect on more of a personal level. Have fun and get to know each other better! Building relationships is crucial for a strong team and the overall success of your company.

3. Rotational Leadership

Most members of high performance teams are fully capable of leading themselves and the group, but unfortunately they just never get the chance. Rotational leadership allows each team member to lead the team—whether it’s simply heading up the weekly virtual meeting, planning a monthly team building activity, organizing an educational event, or just scheduling an early morning coffee.  Having a new leader every once in a while allows each coworker to demonstrate their own leaderships skills and how they personally can impact the company.

4. Break the Ice

You can learn so much about people through powerful, selective questions. Their answers tell a lot about their personality, work style, values and beliefs.

Try asking one of these questions to start your next meeting:

  1. If money was no issue, where would you go on vacation?
  2. If you could have any meal in world, what would it be?
  3. What is your greatest weakness?

This type of collaboration activity is a perfect way to break the ice and make the workplace a little more comfortable. Activities like these are quality opportunities for coworkers to brainstorm and communicate as a virtual group.

5. Good for the Soul

Remote coworkers don’t always have a chance to bump into each other at the coffee maker. But, it’s that kind of personal “what’d you do this weekend” sharing that helps employees find common ground. It would be a great idea to spend a few minutes at the start of each meeting to get those personal updates. Also, try to establish a habit of sharing acknowledgements to boost morale. This is vital for the total success of the company. Everyone always wants to feel accomplished and wanted. Employee satisfaction is constantly a factor that strongly contributes to the culture of an office.

These five modern team building activities for virtual meetings are all great ways of collaborating professionally and efficiently. Using quality virtual meeting software, like GlobalMeet, in the process gives your team members the upper hand when it comes to effective communication. Work together and always strive for success!

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