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5 Must-Read Articles in The Future of Business Collaboration Flipboard

Did you know that PGi has its very own Flipboard magazine, conveniently titled “The Future of Business Collaboration?” The Flipboard platform is one of the best applications out there for curating content, and we’ve been leveraging its powerful magazine feature to find and highlight collaboration stories from across the web.

Here’s a round-up of some of the most interesting stories in our Flipboard mag. Subscribe today so you don’t miss a thing:

1) Oculus wants to build a billion-person MMO with Facebook, flipped from The Verge

With Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR, grand visions abound, including social networking eventually becoming a massively multiplayer experience simultaneously shared and experienced virtually by billions of people around the world.

2) No Office, No Problem: 5 Strategies for Managing an All-Virtual Team, flipped from Fast Company

In a piece on a topic very close to our hearts here at PGi, Fast Company writer Laura Vanderkam gives us 5 tips for managing virtual teams, providing education for the increasing number of companies and employees empowering the remote worker revolution.

3) For the first time, the majority of Americans are using smartphones – even seniors, flipped from VentureBeat

While most of us stay glued to our smartphones during the day, did you know that only recently did the smartphone reach a majority in every single age group in the US? VentureBeat shares findings from a Nielsen report that furthers the dominance of mobility.

4) Work from Home? Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes, flipped from Business Insider

In a guest spot on Business Insider, PGi’s Sean O’Brien shares 4 common mistakes that remote workers often fall prey to while working from home, emphasizing the importance of having the proper telecommuting strategies in place.

5) Nod Gesture Control Ring is Designed for Continual Wear, Starts Selling Today for $149, flipped from TechCrunch

Nod Labs looks to reimagine computing input with its Bluetooth-enabled ring that brings the power of gestures from your smartphone and tablet into any supported device. As mobility continues to dominate and an entire generation grows up with touchscreens and tablets, exploring new input options will be an important avenue for hardware and software development.


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