Breaking the Ice: Getting Your Virtual Meeting Started

Have you ever joined a virtual meeting and everyone just kind of sat there in silence until someone finally stepped up and started talking?  We’ve all been there.  These moments are cringe worthy and most of all, awkward.   The most challenging part of a virtual meeting can often be simply getting started.

It is difficult for virtual meetings to be strong right off the bat; however, the way a meeting begins sets the bar for what the remaining time will be like.  Breaking the ice is key.

Here are two tips to help break the ice at your next virtual meeting:

Establish Comfort

It is important to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable contributing his or her own two cents.  Take 3-5 minutes opening with something fun and interesting- maybe you screen share a funny YouTube video you saw recently; or if it’s a dreadful Monday, ask if anyone did something fun over the weekend.

This approach is an easy way to get the meeting rolling in the right direction. If you immediately get down to business, with no interaction from the start, there may be individuals who will feel awkward speaking up.  Fun conversation starters create a stress-free environment, which is crucial to the productivity of your virtual meeting.

Be Personal

Virtual meetings can be boring, but they definitely don’t have to be.  Be personal from the beginning.  You can do this on iMeet® by using pictures in your iMeet cube that show off who you are as a person outside the office.  For example, use a picture of you and your family, or of you doing a hobby you enjoy. Being genuine builds a sense of trust within the group.  It is also a great way to help further establish the level of comfort in the meeting.

Don’t be afraid to be the one to break the ice at your next virtual meeting.  It will not only show a sense of initiative, but will also lead to a more pleasant meeting experience.

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