The Convergence of Innovation in Tech and Business

The word “innovation” means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about the latest and greatest gadgets and technology, from smartphones and wearable tech to cloud computing and big data. For others, innovation is the pursuit of more efficient processes and methodologies, thinking “outside the box” (to use a tired cliché) and disrupting organizational conventions in the pursuit of efficiency and productivity.

Innovation is all of this and more. It’s any idea that challenges the status quo and pushes the boundaries of what we’ve done and what we think can be done.

We stand at a convergence of innovation, where new, forward-thinking technologies and services are being created with equally forward-thinking business models, workstyles and schedules. One leads to the other, and a cycle of creativity and disruption is created that has led us all into the exciting, connected society and economy that we’re all exploring together.

New Businesses Born of Innovation

Innovative business models are flourishing all around us, from the freemium models pioneered by gaming making their way into all types of software to the sharing economy of services like Uber and Airbnb. Technology has facilitated new thinking around what a business can be, and how business owners and leaders can create value for customers, value that they may not even realize they need yet.

These types of new services perfectly represent the convergence of innovation. The technology to power them has only recently reached mainstream availability, and they’re already challenging conventional thinking within their respective industries. It’s a powerful sign of the times.

Challenging Ourselves at PGi

We’ve always been dedicated to innovation at PGi, bringing new ideas to the world of business collaboration. But I wanted us to challenge ourselves to do more, to try something new and see what our teams could create if we revisited the rulebook. We created a dedicated Innovation Lab, specifically to pursue smaller, more disruptive projects that would normally have been out of the company’s purview. I’ve always been dedicated to starting and nurturing new businesses, and I was excited at the prospect of creating that environment within PGi.

We knew that by employing innovative business practices and methodologies, from agile software development to remote work, that we could challenge our own organizational conventions and create new and unique products to better serve our customers and clients all over the world. Agenday was the first product of that team, and the progress they’ve made in such a short time is a testament to that very convergence: innovations in business and technology coming together to create something new.

In a way, we brought the convergence of innovation to life within our own organization, turning ourselves into intrapreneurs and leveraging our technical expertise through a new, innovative business process simply to see what we could create. Agenday is the first stop on that journey, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.


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