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Design from the Customer Up to Create Better User Experiences

At PGi, we have a long history of technological innovation. For over 20 years, we’ve brought industry-leading network, audio and software innovations to a wide array of business and collaboration solutions.

But one of the most exciting areas of innovation here at PGi is in our product designs. We’ve always strived to put the needs of our users first and foremost, focusing not just on features and speeds but on the people that will be interacting with our products day in and day out.

Design shouldn’t start with a list of features. It should start with a person and their needs, frustrations and desires, and work up from there.

Reimagining Collaboration

Tools like iMeet® and Agenday® mark disruptive departures for business software. When we decided to tackle building our own web conferencing solution or smart calendar, it would’ve been simple to create a list of common features, check them all off and call it a day. But we wanted to reimagine what the collaboration experience could be and how we could more intelligently solve the problems of the user; particularly problems that they may not even be aware that they’re having.

Take for example the case of an iMeet feature like Call My Phone, where the iMeet room will dial any number you choose to connect your audio to the meeting. On the surface, there’s nothing inherently wrong with requiring users to dial their own phone numbers and passcodes to join a meeting. It’s something that every user is capable of doing. But why has no one ever asked if that’s the best way? Why isn’t technology doing more of the work so that the user can simply focus on having a good meeting?

The question wasn’t, “What features do we need to stack up to our competitors?” The question was, “How do we make collaboration a better experience for each and every business professional around the world?”

Better UX = Better Business Value

There’s also the business case for user-centric design: regardless of whether it’s for personal or professional use, people don’t like using frustrating technology. At home if you don’t like an app, you simply uninstall it. But if your employees aren’t using the tools you provide them at work, that directly impacts your business, leading to wasted spending and reduced ROI.

As a software purchaser, prioritizing intuitive user experiences instead of checking features off a list will help drive better adoption and a better return on your software investment. In the case of a productivity-empowering solution like collaboration, it also creates better, more efficient workflows and communication between your employees.

User experience can and should be a priority for developers and purchasers alike. Only by creating, delivering and deploying tools that are designed with the people using them in mind can we drive adoption, user satisfaction and, ultimately, business growth.

Experience PGi’s design innovation for yourself. Try a free trial of iMeet, and download Agenday for free today for iPhone® or Android™.


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