Four Companies Pushing the Presentation Boundaries

Throughout my years on Wall Street and working in investor relations, I have seen (and given) literally thousands of presentations. Despite all of our technological advances, the humble presentation is still often the best way to pitch your company, sell your product, justify your project or simply tell your story.

As creative collaborators, we’re always on the lookout for new and inventive presentation ideas here at PGi. And as a fan of innovation, I have the utmost respect for companies that are reshaping and redefining long-held business practices, challenging the status quo and designing the next generation of business products.

Here are four companies that are reinventing how we create, view and share presentations:

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has fully embraced the mobility revolution, providing a tool that allows you to easily create beautiful presentations right from your iPad. It may not be as feature-packed as a tool like PowerPoint, but the elegance of the interface and user experience more than makes up for it.

We are huge fans of Haiku Deck here at PGi, using it to craft content both externally and internally, including sales presentations, speaker decks, slideshows for the blog and more. Haiku Deck’s most brilliant feature? The app automatically pulls in Creative Commons-licensed imagery based on the keywords it identifies on your slide, or allows you to search for images by keyword directly from within the app itself, removing one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of putting together a slide presentation.


SlideRocket is a tool for building, sharing and collaborating on presentations designed specifically for the web. You can import existing presentations or author new ones using a suite of powerful multimedia tools. SlideRocket also has several unique features aimed at businesses, such as company-level presentation sharing and privacy tools.

As a numbers guy, my favorite thing about SlideRocket is the built-in analytics. You can get details on individual slides to gauge their effectiveness, and use what you learn to craft perfectly honed slide decks for your customers, prospects or coworkers.


SlideShare, acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, has created an entire social community around presentations. They’ve merged the worlds of content marketing and social media into the destination for sharing presentations, infographics and eBooks.

In addition to a thriving community, SlideShare offers brands powerful content marketing opportunities, providing a new outlet for driving views and traffic to your team’s content.


Prezi has completely redefined what a presentation can be with vibrant imagery and zooming motion that empowers communicators to create dynamic, changing stories. Prezis barely resemble slide decks at all.

Prezi has opened up a brand-new realm of content possibilities for me and my team. We’ve actually used it to create and display presentations on TV screens within the PGi offices, sharing internal company news and announcements in a creative, engaging way to our associates.

For more ways to challenge your presentation status quo, download PGi’s free eBook “The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas” today.

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