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PGi has just released a brand new, free eBook on Millennials covering how to get the job you want and learning how to keep and maintain that job. As a Millennial myself, I have been through the struggles first-hand.

“Millennials are making their mark on the world, with some of the most powerful new business leaders coming from this often misunderstood generation”.

Millennials are attracted to the value that your business provides to not only its employees, but to the entire community. If you want to draw in the dependable Millennials, place extra emphasis on your business’ mission and core values. These are significant factors that will attract the right Millennials.

I asked my fellow PGi Summer Interns a simple question: As a Millennial, what have you learned about the workplace in your time here at PGi?

I received many different responses, and here are some that really stuck out to me:

  • “Millennials bring a unique position and perspective to the workplace. I’ve also learned that the employees at PGi really appreciate the feedback and information we bring to the table because as of now Millennials are basically an untapped market that PGi hopes to try to attract in the future.” (Stanley Gaines)
  • “Technology has become so important today to my generation and the workplace is no different. We live and breathe over email, iMeet and GlobalMeet. These are all outstanding ways to efficiently and effectively collaborate with my coworkers.” (Hope Barker)
  • “I figured out that culture and being personal with your colleagues is very important for the overall success of your corporation. I love being able to establish a circle of trust with my fellow collaborators.” (Carlye Creel)

Our PGi Millennials

The era of constant communications, lightning-fast news, social collaboration and always-on mobile technology has created a unique and distinctive cultural view for the Millennial generation. Ultimately, trust and supportiveness leads to more involved, committed and better performers in the workplace.

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If you’re a Millennial like me and want to learn how to find, get and keep a job you actually want, download our new eBook called the “Millennials Career Guide” absolutely free from the PGi website.



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