Leverage Webinars Internally for Virtual Town Halls

When we hear the term “webinar,” we tend to think of an online educational session, speaker or Q&A session designed to simulate an in-person event online. A company we like hosts the event, the topic piques our interest, we sign up and attend to gain some (hopefully) valuable new insights on our role, department or industry.

But what about leveraging webinars within your company? Not only does this allow you to get more mileage out of your webinar product, but it also helps businesses overcome the costs of company-wide events and brings your workforce closer together.

This sort of “Virtual Town Hall” offers your company several benefits:

Bridges Geographical Barriers

Particularly in larger, global companies, it can be difficult to make every associate feel included. By using a virtual meeting tool to host a webinar, you can bring all of your globally distributed workforce together to talk with management, learn company news, see a new product demo and more. It’s a much more cost-effective way to bridge barriers than flying your employees in from all over the globe.

Creates More Engaging Information

Typically, company news and updates are disseminated through email, a fairly passive way to share information with your employees. A webinar is much more engaging, with video sharing, live Q&A and social media integration, content sharing and more. If you craft an engaging presentation for your webinar, your company update will resonate much better with your employees than simply reading another email.

Opens the Dialogue

Instead of making company news, product updates or other important information a one-way street, why not open it to discussion with a webinar? With Q&A features, you can let your employees have their voices heard while still controlling the session with moderation tools and features. Allowing employees to voice their questions, concerns or support for a company update goes a long way towards making them feel valued and ultimately more loyal to your organization.

Puts a Face on Your Management Team

How many of your associates really know your leadership, beyond simply their names? Have they ever heard them speak, or heard the company story told by those who created it? Virtual town halls are one of the best ways to put a face on your management team rather than having them live in emails and on the corporate web site. Webinar tools give your associates the chance to see your leaders, hear them speak and even pose them questions with Q&A features.

To learn more about hosting virtual events such as webinars, contact an expert today!

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