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How to Make the Most of Your Conference Call Solution

Gone are the days when everyone you needed to talk to was just down the hall. Now, teams and clients may be located all over the country. Conference calls act as great tools for collaborating with others, no matter their location.

Conference calls should be just as effective as an in-person meeting. They should start and end on time, be concise and get everyone on the same page. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Poor sound quality, confusion and other technical difficulties can ruin a conference call almost instantly.

To help combat some of these common issues, PGi’s GlobalMeet Audio combines the highest quality audio with an easy-to-use visual interface that works across your computer, tablet and smartphone.

The following are just a few of GlobalMeet Audio’s state-of-the-art features that can help ensure your next conference call is effective.

  • Instantly connect to meetings

Sometimes a lot of information is required to enter a conference call. You’re probably going to need to know the phone number, dial-in and passcode. Many meeting attendees may arrive late because they wasted a lot of time searching for all of these numbers.

GlobalMeet Audio eliminates the need to remember this information. Meeting guests can instantly join meetings through the link provided in the invitation or their mobile app. This will help everyone join quickly so more meetings can start on time.

  • Superior audio quality

Poor audio quality can completely ruin a conference call. If you can’t hear what anyone is saying or they can’t hear you, the conference call will be a complete disaster. PGi’s global IP network is optimized for audio collaboration so you can rest assure that every conference call will have the best possible audio quality.

  • Mobile apps

Because of busy schedules, we are not always at our desks when we need to join a call. Thanks to innovative mobile apps, you are able to join a conference call from anywhere. Using your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to actively participate in meetings while on the go.

  • Know who is speaking

Have you ever been on a call when you spent more time wondering who was speaking instead of focusing on what they’re actually saying? Not knowing who owns the voice on the other end of the line can be confusing and potentially waste precious time. GlobalMeet Audio has a visual interface that clearly highlights individuals as they speak.

Are you getting a lot of feedback from someone’s line? Maybe it’s a dog barking or static. The interface will immediately tell you which line is responsible and with the click of a button, the host can mute the individual line to remove the distracting noise.

Would you like to see GlobalMeet audio in action? Take a minute and watch this video.

GlobalMeet Audio can help make your conference calls more productive.


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