My Telecommuting Personality: The Distracted Worker

In our recent eBook “7 Telecommuting Personalities”, we outlined 7 distinct personalities of workers who engage in remote work, telework or flex work, including common personality traits, needs, technological requirements for online meetings and more.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are a vital part of any workplace endeavor, but telecommuting presents a unique series of challenges to maintaining efficiency and productivity. By identifying your telecommuting personality, you can more easily manage the pitfalls that can come with remote work.

Today, I thought I’d share with you my telecommuting personality: The Distracted Worker.

Personality Trait: Always Connected

I am always connected, and I mean always. My smartphone doesn’t leave my side, at work or at home, and it’s my primary method for connecting to my online meetings when I’m telecommuting. I’m constantly up to date on my notifications from emails and texts, news through apps and social media and more. It might mean that work follows me home more often than it should, but if I’m going to be on my phone anyways, it’s no extra hassle to answer a few quick emails at night.

Personality Trait: Creative

I spend the vast majority of my days doing creative work. If I’m not writing content (such as, you know, this post), I’m brainstorming ideas for future content pieces, working with my team on larger pieces of content such as eBooks and white papers or working on overall content strategies.

This extends to my personal life as well—I’m a musician, primarily playing the drums but I dabble in guitar as well, and generally just prefer creative endeavors.

Personality Trait: Easily Distracted

I do tend to be easily distracted and have to really lock down my home office if I’m going to be telecommuting. It’s easy for me to get wrapped up in other things, even while working; if a new request comes in through email, my first instinct is to pounce on it even if it’s lower-priority than what I’m currently working on. It definitely requires effort to keep myself on task.


The technology run-down for the distracted worker sounds basically like a list of what’s in my work bag and installed on my devices:

  • Laptop – I still find my laptop necessary, especially for typing-intensive tasks, and often use it for online meetings in conjunction with my smartphone.
  • Smartphone – My smartphone is absolutely vital and is the way I stay connected most of the time.
  • Tablet – I own a smaller tablet that I use primarily for content consumption, although I’ve been known to write blogs on it in a pinch;
  • Internal collaboration software – One of the best ways I’ve found to stay collaborative with my team and up-to-date on documents is our internal company community.


Finally, two of the Distracted Worker’s needs really stand out as being important to me professionally.

1) Task Management Software – I’m constantly testing and evaluating new task management platforms to manage my workload and deadlines. My current personal favorite is Todoist, but you name it, and I’ve probably tested it. It’s an app that is and will continue to be absolutely vital to my professional success.

2) Set management check-in meetings – My weekly one-on-one with my direct manager is another key to my work process, helping me stay on track, gut-check my ideas and manage my various projects and deliverables.

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