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My Telecommuting Personality: The Multitasker

A recent PGi survey revealed that 80 percent of us work for companies that allow flexible work arrangements. Is your personality a perfect fit for a telecommuting career?

We recently released a free eBook titled, “7 Telecommuting Personalities”, which describes seven personalities of individuals who telecommute. As a telecommuter, it’s important to realize your strengths and weaknesses so you can accurately assess your needs and avoid any potential pitfalls.

After taking the telecommuting personality quiz, I discovered that I’m a Multitasker.

Personality Trait: Easily Distracted

At times, complete silence can be deafening. I usually need some background noise when I’m writing blogs and other short pieces of content. In these situations, it’s easy for me to jump into a quick brainstorming session with my team, then get right back into work.

However, when I’m creating longer pieces of content that require extensive research and more time, it’s helpful for me to work from my home. Working from home is great because I’m able to separate myself from all distractions and focus all of my attention on current projects.  Even if it means putting my dog outside on the porch for the day.

Personality Trait: Collaborative

I really enjoy spending time with my team. We are all very creative, which makes our brainstorming sessions pretty amazing. I love being able to maintain face-to-face time even when I’m not in the office. iMeet makes it possible for us all to actively engage in team meetings and inspire each other.

Technology Needs

  • WiFi and hotspot

Instant access is very important to me. I get frustrated very easily if a web page is taking too long to load or an email won’t send. For this reason, I am usually connected to WiFi. If WiFi is not available, I create my own with my personal hotspot.

  • Smartphone

I’m not quite sure how I ever lived without one. I always have my phone on me and it’s how I stay connected.

  • Laptop

My computer is what I use to complete most of my work. I use it at work, take it home and sometimes even when I’m traveling. It’s great for typing and taking notes.


I can relate to quite a few of the Multitasker’s needs.

  • Weekly meetings with leadership

I really enjoy my weekly scheduled 1×1 with my boss. It’s a great time to discuss my current workload, express any concerns I may have and get some insights to upcoming projects. It’s also nice to just catch up.

  • A collaborative team environment

As previously stated, I really enjoy working with my team and I like to stay connected with them. Not only are they great to bounce ideas off of, but they also provide morale support and help me better manage my workload.

Do you know your telecommuting personality? Take our quick quiz to find out, then download the eBook to learn more about your strengths, weaknesses and needs.

About Lorna L.

Originally from Florida, Lorna moved to Atlanta to join the PGi team. In between trying to get used to Atlanta traffic and the crazy weather, she spends her free time playing with her dog, Mylo. Lorna enjoys writing about online collaboration tools and meeting tips.

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