14 ways to be productive at work during World Cup 2014

14 Ways to Experience World Cup 2014 at Work | Productivity

World Cup 2014 is all soccer/football/futbol fans are thinking about, talking about, tweeting about, IM’ing about and obsessing about. It’s so humongous for people across the globe that today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to keeping workers up-to-date on wins, losses and game-time updates.

To indulge your World Cup fandom AND keep your job, here are 14 ways to experience World Cup 2014 at work and still maintain your productivity.

1. Make it a team event.

2. Rev up your dual monitor.

3. Block off your calendar for the two-hour game.

4. Promise your boss you’ll make up the time. Flexible work arrangements can help you make up the time pre- or post-hours.

5. Turn off social media notifications. No, seriously. Save yourself the distraction and only check before and after work.

6. Do an office bracket to boost camaraderie and make the World Cup a culture builder.

7. Share your country pride. For global businesses, create a Facebook album dedicated to pics of employees in World Cup gear.

8. Don’t break the company network. Ask your IT department if it’s cool to use the office broadband or if you should use mobile data. They’ll thank you for it.

9. Clear game-watching downtime with your boss ahead of time.

10. And if your boss says no, take the day off.

11. Give score updates for 3 minutes before and after meetings. Get out the egg timer.

12. Be wise with your workday downtime. Sacrifice the time you spend binge-watching cat videos, instead enjoying an hour straight of the game.

13. Don’t be a zombie. For those of you on the other side of the world, arrange to start and finish work an hour later so you can get your beauty rest.

14. DVR it, man. If your pipeline needs attention or that report is due ASAP, put in your headphones, shut down all outside communication and get to work. If it’s worth losing your job over, TAKE THE DAY OFF!

*** And, finally, because I just cannot help myself, #IBelieveThatWeWillWin!

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