11 Productivity Hacks to Reclaim Your 40-Hour Work Week

In our recent #TakeBack60 survey, 60 percent of our customers responded that they use technology to automate business processes. But the time-honored to-do list took top honors, with 64 percent saying they still check items off their list to be more productive at work. What productivity tips do you use to boost productivity and take back that much-needed personal time during the work week?

And what would you do with 60 extra minutes of free time in your work? Cannonball into a pool? (Yep, that’s me.)

Instead of grappling with a mile-long to-do list or trying to find that elusive email from your boss on your cluttered smartphone, here are 11 Productivity Hacks to help you be the superhero employee you want to be—without sacrificing your personal life.

1. Split your to-do list into three buckets: Core, Grow and Red Tape.

One of the best things my boss, Sean O’Brien, taught me is that if you’re simply checking off today’s list, you’re not impacting the business’ future growth (or your own).

2. Consolidate your alerts.

Choose productivity apps with consolidated features, so you’re getting one alert from one app—instead of multiple alerts from multiple apps.

3. No voicemail.

Honestly, do you really need it? Use your voicemail message to give them your preferred way to reach you—email, social media, text, etc.

4. Use your password for a personal mantra.

How many times do you enter your NT password every day? Use your password as a mantra that motivates you to achieve your personal goals.

5. Red light, green light.

Stop pesky productivity-sucking office interruptions from your fellow workers with a desk stoplight. Red for busy, green for “come on by.”

6. Write a “Done” list.

Get positive about how much you’re achieving by keeping a “done” list.

7. Prioritize VIPs.

Guilt over missing an important email is a huge productivity killer for workers. Use VIP email apps, like the one built into the iOS email app, so you only get alerts when an important email hits your inbox.

8. Put a scream room/dream room/sing room/game room in your office.

Set up a sound-proof office—of closet in your home office—so you can express your frustrations, get pumped up or just blow off steam. Taking 15 minutes out of the grind to relax will actually boost your productivity when you get back to work.

9. Set reminders on your phone to stop working and stretch.

Sitting at our desks is causing serious physical damage. Use your reminder app in your phone to schedule breaks during the day to stand up and stretch. The Guide to Healthier Work provides great ideas.

10. Schedule back-to-back meetings in three hour chunks.

Lulls between meetings are the secret killers of productivity. Schedule meetings and personal productivity time in three hour chunks to improve your focus and get more done.

11. Finally, schedule “get smart” time in your peak brain hours.

To be successful in today’s constantly evolving business world, we need to be constantly learning. Make this education a priority in your workday, whether it’s earning a certificate, checking out industry blogs or learning how to use a new app.

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