13 Tips & Tricks for Attracting Millennials to Your Business

The Millennials are a generation full of unique values and character traits that differ from any previous generations.  Some automatically view Millennials as difficult to work with; however, Millennials embody many talents that could be of much benefit to a company.

Need guidance on how to attract Millennials to your business?  Here are some tips & tricks from our Millennials Field Guide eBook:

1.    Be tech forward

Millennials are a generation immersed in technology and accustomed to the on-demand learning it facilitates.

2.    Create a circle of trust

Millennials tend to mistrust authority and do not like to be “told what to do.”

3.    Focus on development

Millennials are best developed through thoughtful, reflective and learner-centered management practices.

4.    When interviewing… skip the phone & have a virtual face-to-face

96% of Millennials want face-to-face collaboration.

5.    Create employee social programs for posting career opportunities

Millennials are 50% more trusting of user-generated content than the ads you’ve been posting on recruiting sites, etc.

6.    Allow the opportunity to work remotely

66% of Millennials want to occasionally work from home.

7.    Allow flexibility

64% of Millennials want flexible hours.

8.    Give credit where due

41% of Millennials prefer to be rewarded or recognized for their work at least monthly.

9.    Focus on cultural importance

30% of Millennials leave a company if it is not a good cultural fit.

10. Help plan their career path

27% of Millennials leave if their career goals are not aligned withthe company’s.

11.  Focus on collaboration

Research suggests that Millennials value discussions, collaboration and teamwork.

12. Communicate strategically

Use “graphic novels” to communicate—they embody visuals that are likely to enhance understanding & communication.

13.  Try unique mentorship

Create a co-mentoring program where the older generation teaches the younger generation and vice versa. This can provide untold value for growth & innovation.

Are you interested in learning more about Millennials and how to successfully attract and retain the next generation of leaders? Download our free eBook: Operation Millennials: A Field Guide.


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