25 Must-Know Tips for Running Effective Meetings

Have you visited PGi’s Slideshare? We just recently celebrated over 100,000 views and we’re still going strong. In our latest presentation, we share 25 must-know tips in a presentation titled “The Definitive Guide to Running Effective Meetings.” These tips span 5 core areas of meetings: Scheduling, Meeting Prep, Hosting and Presenting, Following Up, and Hardware, Software and More.

If you find yourself running a lot of meetings, don’t miss out on PGi’s expertise!


1. Invite Only Those Required

2. Be Mindful of Attention Spans

3. Ask the Question – “Is this a Meeting?”

4. Include all the Info

5. Plan Ahead – If You Can!

Meeting Prep

6. Establish an Agenda

7. Test Your Tech

8. Distribute Materials Beforehand

9. Know Your Guests

10. Arrive Early

Hosting and Presenting

11. Take Notes

12. Spice Up Your Slides

13. Take Breaks

14. Consider PowerPoint Alternatives

15. Make it Interactive

Following Up

16. Collect Notes

17. Send a Followup Email

18. Distribute Recordings

19. Schedule Followup Meetings

20. Act on Decisions

Hardware, Software and More

21. Mobile Access

22. Know Your Audio

23. Use Your Webcam

24. Master the Mute

25. Choose Intuitive Tools

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