R.I.P. 40-Hour Work Week

We’re obsessed with work here at PGi: from how we work and the technology we use to the global impact of collaboration and productivity trends. So when we saw the results of our most recent survey, we were sadly unsurprised to learn that working smarter, not harder, is still a major issue for workers and businesses everywhere.

A staggering 88 percent of respondents from our June online survey said they work above and beyond the traditional 40-hour work week. About 71 percent responded that they take work home with them at least one day per week.

Modern technology makes it possible to connect from anywhere, powering the future of business collaboration. For modern workers, however, constant connectedness could threaten wellness, happiness and personal success. For businesses, the ultimately damaged productivity of overworked employees could portend a future decline in business growth, market penetration and innovation.

But there is hope.

The survey results prompted us to launch a campaign dedicated to helping workers work smarter, not harder. For the next two weeks, we will dedicate all our resources to the #TakeBack60 campaign. We will share advice, tips, techniques and technology recommendations to help workers everywhere work smarter, boost productivity, heighten collaboration and, most importantly, take back 60 minutes that are otherwise wasted in unproductive work activities.

Instead of burning the midnight oil, checking business emails at the dinner table and skipping Little Timmy’s basketball game, workers responded that with those much-deserved 60 minutes:

  • 64 percent would spend more time with family.
  • 64 percent would exercise.
  • 31 percent would pursue a hobby.
  • 24 percent would catch up on household chores.
  • 22 percent would learn or improve a skill.

How would you spend an extra 60 minutes every week? Here’s how I spend mine:

Share your pictures, stories and advice on Twitter using the hashtag #TakeBack60 to help inspire other workers just like you. You might even receive something special from us—43 percent of you did mention that coffee is your productivity go-to.

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