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5 Screen Sharing Mistakes Not to Make

Screen sharing can be beneficial during online meetings if you need to explain a document or walk your meeting guests through a PowerPoint presentation.  This tool is helpful when used the right way.  On the other hand, there are also scenarios that I’d like to call ‘screen sharing gone wrong’.

Imagine you are in an online meeting.  Someone goes to share their screen, and woops, everyone sees something they should not have.  The meeting just became sufficiently awkward and at this point, will be hard to salvage. These situations can be avoided if you take the necessary precautions.

Here are five screen-sharing mistakes that you don’t want to make during your next online meeting:

1. You have a Netflix show on pause

You’re in the process of sharing your screen and you accidentally click on the wrong window. Now everyone can see the last Netflix show you were watching earlier in the day.

If you want to clear your mind by watching an episode or two of Scandal, that’s up to you. But now, you look extremely unprofessional to all the participants who are viewing your screen.  Not the best start to an online meeting.

Tip: Before sharing your screen, be conscious of closing out all irrelevant windows.

2. An embarrassing IM pops up

You’re sharing a document from your computer for everyone to view.  The meeting is going smoothly until all of a sudden, your friend sends you a message about the funny thing that happened last weekend.

Even though you can quickly close the message, odds are almost everyone present in the meeting had a chance to see it.  And, if you’re recording the meeting, the embarrassing IM can be viewed over and over again.

Tip: Avoid this uncomfortable moment by signing off from all messaging programs before your meeting. Just in case.

3. Your iTunes or Pandora begins playing

Listening to music helps a lot of people get their work done.  Make sure you log out of whatever tunes you’re jamming to once it is time to join your meeting.

With iTunes or Pandora open on your computer, it is easy to accidentally hit play, allowing everyone to hear or see what you have been listening to.  Let’s just hope you have good taste in music.

4.  You receive a personal email

The average employee receives tons and tons of emails daily.  In the midst of all of these emails, you may also receive emails from your doctor, your significant other, etc.  These are extremely personal and can be awkward for others to read.

Tip: When screen sharing, make sure you have logged out of your email.

5.  You open the wrong document

You go to share a document during your online meeting and realize you’re not sure which document to choose. All of your documents are untitled. You make an educated guess and select one—the wrong one. If you’re lucky, the document you opened was not an important document meant to be confidential.

You are only human and people make mistakes, but this could cause big problems.

Tip: Make sure to organize and pull together everything you need prior to your online meeting.

An embarrassing screen sharing scenario could happen to anyone, including you if you are not careful.  Keep these common mistakes in mind the next time you need to share your screen during an online meeting.

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