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7 Must-Know Video Conferencing Statistics

The use of video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular with many companies across the globe. As globalization continues to rise, these conferences meetings are proving to be beneficial to businesses in numerous ways, including faster decision making and reduced travel costs.

Here are 7 noteworthy video conferencing statistics designed to inspire and motivate your team as we move towards a more collaborative workforce in the coming years. Enjoy!


1) High interest

56% of global CFOs would invest in video conferencing to reduce travel. As executives become familiar with the cost and time saving benefits associated with video conferencing, we’ll likely see higher adoption from companies large and small.

2) Cut costs

Businesses using video conferencing see a 30% reduction in travel costs. By skipping the cost of travel (think gas, rental cars, flights, etc.) companies can save a significant amount of money and still meet face-to-face.

3) Better communication

Up to 93% of communication is non-verbal. We’ve all heard how important body language is to a conversation. Companies can improve meeting efficiency and prevent miscommunications by enabling teams to actually see one another.

4) Find talent

66% of candidates prefer to video during the interview process. For both HR teams and potential employees, video offers an easy way to meet face-to-face.

5) Happier employees

Our Global Telework Survey found that 55% of non-teleworking respondents wished they had the ability to work remotely. Video conferencing solutions offer a method for employees to work from anywhere without missing meetings or sacrificing collaboration.

6) Engaged workforce

13% of the world’s workers feel engaged at work. This tells us that the future of business collaboration will be dependent on organizations investing in a long-overdue digital transformation and better supporting the increasingly mobile workforce through video conferencing.

7) Improved selling

74% of B2C marketers and 92% of B2B marketers use video in their marketing efforts. Video solutions offer another outlet for businesses to show off their products to boost sales.

For a more visual look at these video conferencing stats, be sure to check out our SlideShare presentation. Or, learn even more about video conferencing with some hands-on experience! Here’s a free 30-day trial of iMeet by PGi.

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