Are You a Workaholic or a Zen Master? Take our #TakeBack60 Quiz and Find Out!

The verdict is in: according to our #TakeBack60 survey, we are all woefully overworked. Technology has allowed us all to be constantly connected, but we’re increasingly using our smartphones and mobile apps to simply grind out more hours rather than more efficiently managing our productivity.

Where do you fall on the spectrum? Are you, like the 88% of respondents from our recent survey, a Workaholic, working above and beyond 40 hours a week? Or are you more of a Zen Master, deftly balancing work and life through productivity tips and intelligent work technology?

Take our quick quiz to help you get to the bottom of your workstyle and move a little closer to #TakeBack60:


I like to think of myself as a Zen Master, although the Workaholic in me comes out from time to time. However, even though I got stuck indoors thanks to a summer storm, I still managed to find the time this week to #TakeBack60 and indulge in one of my passions:

Regardless of your quiz outcome, don’t forget to check out Agenday, the free smart calendar app designed to help Workaholics and Zen Masters squeeze some extra productivity out of their workdays.

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