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The Benefits of Coffee for Productivity and Collaboration

It’s your comfortable morning routine, your hangover cure, your afternoon slump remedy, and your late-night work buddy. Like spinach to Popeye, coffee revives our corpse-like limbs from a state of sluggishness to vitality. As many loyal java drinkers know, you can also apply the benefits of coffee to better productivity and collaboration at work.

Java for Productivity

Here’s what happens once your perfectly-brewed cup of coffee is empty. When that hot cup of coffee goes down, caffeine goes to work blocking adenosine receptors, which in turn releases more dopamine to rev up your nervous system. As a player in pleasure and motor control, increased dopamine can improve your mood and speed up both your physical movements and cognitive responses.

In other words, coffee can literally make you a superhero*.

*Not literally

Faster and more alert, you can knock down those email responses and tackle that presentation faster than a speeding bullet just like the Man of Steel. By the second or third cup of coffee, the superhero-like effects of caffeine can last a couple hours.

Even the chocolate-like, rich caramel aroma of coffee alone wakes up the brain and promotes relief of stress from not sleeping enough, according to studies.

The next time you’re in the coffee shop, breathe it all in.

Coffee = Collaboration

It’s no surprise that many meetings take place in a coffee shop or that many coworking spaces aim for that coffeehouse atmosphere. As a team tradition or communal activity, coffee and other foods promote productivity and collaboration through relationship building.

Conversation becomes easy in an inviting, social space where employees can connect over a shared meal or cup of coffee. It’s also an opportunity to connect on common ground and collaborate with isolated departments.

A cup of coffee also gives your brain a break from the daily grind, helping you give others your attention and focus. Those brief breaks alert your brain that new stimuli are present, studies say, increasing your presence and awareness so collaboration can flourish.

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