Best Weeks to Plan a Summer Vacation

Unfortunately, the best weeks to plan a summer vacation don’t have exact dates. What may be perfect for you, may be one of the worst weeks to take a vacation for someone else. Some good timing and a little planning can make any week a good time for a vacation. Here are some steps you should take when thinking of scheduling your next summer vacation.

Plan ahead

First, think about a time that works best for you. Maybe you only have one solid week where your kids are home from summer camp or maybe you prefer traveling in July instead of June. Whatever your specifications, narrow your potential travel dates down to a small window. Once you have a few dates in mind, check your work calendar. Make sure you don’t already have something important scheduled during the same time. Even though you may have plenty of vacation saved up, leaving during town hall meetings, product launches or large company announcements  may be frowned upon.

Let everyone know you’ll be away

Once you’ve gotten your time off approved and your tickets booked, it’s time to make sure your team is aware when you’ll be out. Internal and external stakeholders should know the dates you will not be in the office. It’s also nice to let them know if you will be available during your vacation. Will you have limited access to your emails or no access at all? This will make it easier for your colleagues to cover your workload while you’re gone.

Put in the extra work

Returning to work from vacation can be intimidating. Emails have a tendency to pile up very quickly while you’re away from your desk for any long periods of time. Try to get through your to-do lists as much as possible before leaving. This will make your return a little easier to handle. Also, before you leave the office, check with your team and make sure you don’t owe them anything. There’s nothing worse than realizing your forgot to complete a task for someone as you’re on your way out of town.

Set your out-of-office

Most of today’s systems allow you to schedule your out-of-office replies in advance. This eliminates the needs of trying to remember to turn it on before you run out the door. Also, don’t forget to change your voice mail. Some people may call you and continue to call you without ever sending an email. If you don’t notify callers that you’re on vacation, they will begin to wonder why you’re not returning their phone calls.

Go on vacation and enjoy

Sometimes it can be hard to separate yourself from your work responsibilities. You may occasionally find yourself thinking about a project or email while you should be enjoying your vacation. Although this may be common, it’s important to not let it ruin your time away from the office. Trust your team to hold down the office while you’re away.

Take your summer vacation when it’s right for you. You don’t want to be part of the 82 percent that leave their vacation days unused. If you must take your work with you, make sure you have everything you need with our Workation packing list.

Enjoy your summer and start planning those memorable vacations.

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