How Big Companies Are Using Video Interviews

The days spent sifting through countless applications and scheduling numerous in-person interviews are over.  Filling a job position at a company used to be a long and tedious process.  Now, many companies are taking advantage of video interviews to create a more efficient recruiting experience.

Video interviewing is the way to go…but why?  Here are 5 ways companies are using video interviewing to their benefit:

1)   Faster time to hire

With in-person interviews, you have to schedule the interview far in advance to give the candidate time to travel, make certain arrangements with their current job, etc.  It may be weeks before you’re able to meet with the candidate.  Video interviews are easier to fit into your schedule, as you only have to mark off a certain amount of time in your day. Video interviews will save you a lot of time and will help expedite the hiring process.

2)   Save money on travel costs

Innovative technology has made it possible for recruiters to eliminate the need to schedule and pay for the travel arrangements of job prospects.. With video interviews, you are still able to have the valuable face-to-face time without the added expense.

3)   Easier to develop personal rapport

Phone interviews leave a lot to be desired. Recruiters are able to have more successful and productive communication with candidates during video interviews.  These types of interviews allow recruiters to focus not only on verbal communication, but nonverbal communication as well.  A candidate’s body language shows a lot about his feelings and interest toward the particular company.

4)   Ability to record the interview

Recruiters are also able to record video interviews.  This feature gives them a huge advantage as they can go back at a later time and further examine candidates.  This is a great way for recruiters to pick up on anything they may have missed before, both good and bad. For additional feedback, recruiters can also send the recorded video to hiring managers and other decision makers within the company.

5)   Wider candidate reach

Anyone can participate in a video interview if they have a webcam and an internet connection.  As a result, video interviews are able to give you a much wider reach of candidates.  You can easily speak with candidates from across the globe—candidates who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to travel to your office.  This is beneficial to a company because it increases the potential for better talent and more qualified candidates.

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