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Combat Summer Slow-Down with 5 Team Building Ideas

Companies across the United States are implementing seasonal flex days and short weeks to remedy the so-called summer slow-down. Between the kids being out of school and your colleagues showing off photos of their fabulous vacations, it’s easy to see why summer is known for lower office productivity. If “Summer Fridays” are not on this summer’s agenda there are many ways to increase your team’s productivity during the summer months and empower them (and you!) to #TakeBack60.

This year, remind your associates why working smarter not harder is the right approach to a successful summer by embracing activities that delight your associates and your company’s bottom line.

1) Call an Annual Team Meeting to Talk Strategy for 2015 & Don’t Forget the Food! 

Never underestimate the power of catering. This summer, PGi’s Atlanta offices gathered before the workday began to hear corporate updates and to celebrate recent departmental wins. The meeting was made even sweeter (and more heavily attended!) with catering from a nearby bakery.

2) Look for Education Opportunities Outside the Office to Spice Up the Work Week 

If you sense your team is wishing they were somewhere other than work, take them somewhere other than work! According to a recent online survey conducted by PGi, 22% of respondents said they would pursue learning a new skill if they had 60 additional minutes of free time in their week. Indulge that desire by looking for local education opportunities – seminars, conferences, tours, etc. that relate to your team’s mission. The outing will be sure to inspire and bring a renewed energy to your team.

3) Host an Evening Event and Extend the Invitation to the Whole Family 

I can attest to the lure of the home during the summer months. Office dwellers with family members celebrating summer will find it extra hard to mentally pull away from the camp calendars, pool hours and upcoming family trips. In the same online study, PGi found that I was not alone – 64% of those survey stated they would spend time with their family if they had an extra 60 minutes of free time in their week.

Here’s an animated GIF of all the fun that takes place at my house while I’m at work. 

Why not bring the family to your next team building activity by leveraging existing facilities and making work a destination for summer fun? Host an outdoor movie night on the side of your building, plan an onsite cook-out during lunch for kids and parents or rent nearby park space for a family picnic. These kid-friendly options are low-cost and with the right level of Facilities and Legal sign-off, can be the perfect summer memory for your associates and their families.

4) Boost Morale & Team Spirit with an On-Site Charitable Event 

If you find that thoughts of the beach are competing with work, refresh your team members with goodwill. PGi’s Customer Care departments in Colorado Springs, CO and Olathe, KS host their annual fundraising carnival in the summer. They find that it’s a great opportunity to fit in charitable work during the year’s busy schedule. No one is too old for carnival games and sundries when it’s all for a good cause! This year’s carnival proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

PGi also supported Year Up last year by hosting a PGi basketball game.

5) Encourage the Team to Download Agenday, 2014’s Best Mobile Calendar App, so They Can #TakeBack60

A few minutes of saved time throughout the day can really add up. PGi’s Innovation Lab recently launched Agenday, a free calendar app for iPhone and Android to help get you into meetings faster and ensure you don’t miss an appointment. Thousands of people use Agenday to save time. Encourage your team members to do the same. They’ll find that they can get pretty close to achieving 60 extra minutes of free time in their week.



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